Will Related Services

Will is a document which is given legal shape after the wishes of testator are written and it is properly executed. Without a will anyone can land into trouble and his/her heirs may fall in big dispute within the family and endless legal battle can start amongst them. Our Will related services include

  • Advice on will
  • Inventorying the assets
  • Helping in legal vetting of assets by experts
  • Helping in identification of all assets and possible heirs.
  • If someone wants to will for charity, providing help for it.
  • Will drafting
  • Will safekeeping
  • Helping in Will registration
  • Wills for clients having multi-locational presence
  • Acting as Will Executors
  • Helping and advising in obtaining Probate of the Will
  • Advising on all related matters mentioned in the will post depart of testator
  • Will review and revision
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